Hello world!

Nice title.  I have no desire at all to connect with the whole world.  The world is a scary place these days and getting worse every minute.  So many bad people, bad things.  Anyways……..

Well, this is my first post.  Don’t quite know what to write about.  I only signed up for this wordpress account to do some research for work.  We’re trying to decide if we want to use this as a way to connect with our students.  I have about two weeks to figure this out and see if it works!  So we’ll see how it goes, I guess.

I don’t ever read blogs or know anything about them so I’m not sure what people write about or why.  I suppose they mostly just state their opinions about a miriad of subjects.  I can certainly do that, but I don’t know why anyone else in the world would want to read something like that.