A radical approach to December 25th: Why we won’t be celebrating Christmas this year.

Truth in Grace

I. Introduction:

If the views my wife and I have about television, public schools, vaccinations, and Easter wasn’t enough to drive friends and family crazy, our latest decision certainly will. (I also suspect that this will ruffle a few feathers on DefCon as well.)

After thoughtful deliberation we have decided to forego celebrating Christmas this year (and every year hereafter) for two main reasons, one being obvious and the other not so obvious.

No, my wife and I have not lost our minds.

No, we have not become Jehovah’s Witnesses.

No, we aren’t trying to take fun away from our children.

I have always loved Christmas. I could often be heard singing Christmas carols all year long. Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of the year with all the decorations, food, family, memories, and nostalgia. So my decision to essentially cancel Christmas was not an easy one.

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